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As Salaamu Alaikum,

I wanted to know until when exactly am I allowed to pray fajr in respect of sunrise.
I usually finish praying  about 2 mins before sunrise.
Is that acceptable?
How exactly do you perform prostration of forgetfulness?
Thank you for your time.


As Salaamu Alaikum,

Finishing the salah 2 mins before sunrise will be acceptable in the sense that your salah will be valid. However, this is not the best practice. The best is that you should finish it before the Makrooh time enters. This occurs when the place becomes very bright even though the sun has not risen as yet. In general, you should try to finish your Fajr salah at a time where you can comfortably repeat it within its time, in case you had made a major mistake requiring its repetition.

The manner of performing the prostration of forgetfulness is that in the final Tashahud posture, you should make one salam to the right immediately after completing the At Tahiyaat. After this, you should do two sajdah (prostrations) as you would do for salah. After completing the two prostrations, while in the sitting posture, you would begin  to recite the At Tahiyaat (again), along with the darood and dua, and make two salam to complete your salah.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Waseem Khan

This answer was collected from DarulUloomTT.net, which is operated under the supervision of Mufti Waseem Khan from Darul Uloom Trinidad and Tobago.

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