Hadith mentioning the best gift for a child

Answered according to Hanafi Fiqh by DarulUloomTT.net

Assalaamu Alaikum. I would like to know the exact quote that the prophet said about the best gift a parent could bestow to a child is education.

Wa Alaikum Assalaam,

The Hadith is, ‘There is no gift a father gives his child more virtuous than good manners.’ (Tirmidhi Hadith No.4977).

Some translators have translated the hadith as, ‘A father gives his child nothing better than a good education.’ You will find that some translations have the words ‘good manners’ and others have ‘good education’.

The words ‘good manners’ is better since this is the proper translation for the Arabic used in the hadith. The Arabic hadith stated by the Prophet (S.A.S) is:

“‏ مَا نَحَلَ وَالِدٌ وَلده مِنْ نَحْلٍ أَفْضَلَ مِنْ أَدَبٍ حَسَنٍ

‘Maa Nahala Waalidun Waladahu Min Nahlin Afdhala Min Adabin Hasanin.’

The words at the end of the hadith are ‘Adabin Hasanin’, which means ‘good manners’. Therefore, the exact quote and best translation of the hadith is ‘A father has not given a gift to his son/child more virtuous than good manners.’

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.


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