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The Zakaah of a Debt that has Become a Property

I have a married sister who has three daughters and two young men who are pursuing their university education. One of them is paying for his tuition and the other had received half a scholarship. My sister lives with her family in a house of their own, but they are indebted with (33000) JDs, so I have paid off that debt so that they could sell the house. A year passed and they couldn`t sell it, so they offered to give me half of it in return for the debt. The price of the house was estimated at seventy thousand JDs, so I agreed and the matter was officially documented. Nevertheless, I made them another proposition: If they sold the house, they would give me (33000) JDs. and the rest is theirs in case they sold it with more than the estimated price. The question that arises here is that: Should I pay the Zakaat on the(33000) JDs. and is it permissible to give my sister from that Zakaat ?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Working in a Company that Tests Food Including Wine

Having a degree in food engineering, I get to work in a wide spectrum of fields. Lately, I had a job interview with a company in charge of permitting exported foods that meet certain standards to enter into Jordan. Sometimes, my job includes testing wine and reporting whether it fits the standards or not and whether it is to be allowed into the country or not. It is worth mentioning that I do this occasionally and upon request of employer. Is it unlawful to work for such company and is my salary unlawful as well?

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