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Asalaam alaikam

I have a question regarding sihr and jinn possession.

Recently I got into a dispute about sihr and jinn possession as I said although it is real genuine cases are very rare and people tend to misdiagnose things and are paranoid like they live in denial that mental illness exists and treat the mentally handicapped badly.

When I said it is rare it wasn’t my own personal view but even some ulama say this and say people are paranoid and assume every illness or bad thing that happens is jinn and sihr.

As from what I seen people seem to deny mental illness is real and unfortunately it leads to demonising the mentally ill and being cruel to them. This leads to them denying essential medical care and taking them to raqis and of the person isn’t cured they hit them and see them as the devil.

I want to ask in light of the shariah regarding this subject certain questions as I want to learn about this for my benefit and akhirah.

1) What does Islam say about the behaviour of some people assuming every illness and bad thing that happens is because of the jinn and sihr.

2) How does a person know if they are possessed/bewitched

3) Someone told me that autistic children can be possessed as apparently people can do sihr and it can pass down generations is this true ?

4) is it considered wrong for Muslims to deny mental illness is real and say it’s a myth

5) is there any basis that jinn roam woods and graveyards at night

6) ulama say that one shouldn’t be hasty to make conclusions and assume they are possessed or had sihr done on them but they should seek medical treatment or psychiratrist and if no explanation is there then one should make a conclusion it’s sihr or jinn is this correct?

7) A Mufti said to me that I’m wrong to be skeptical of people who rush to brand everything is due to jinn and sihr should a Muslim be cautious before making such conclusions is being skeptical unless its.proven a good attitude to have? ?

Jazak Allah khair



Wa Alaikum Assalaam.

الجواب و بالله التوفيق

  1. It is totally wrong and against the teachings of Islam for the people to assume that every illness and bad that happens is due to the effects of the Jinn and Sihr (witchcraft/Sorcery). This conduct is opposing to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah and it tends to make people deny the Qadr of Allah.
  2. The signs of the effects of Jinns and witchcraft become apparent on the person. This may occur in a jinn taking physical possession of a person or unusual occurrences that a person may see happening to him. A person may also have nightmare/bad dreams. In short, generally, there are clear signs which a person may see, or experience he may have which can tell him that jinns are troubling him/her.
  3. Anyone can be possessed if evil jinns affect him/her. However, to say that autistic children are possessed or can be possessed based on their state is totally wrong.
  4. Mental illness is a real health disorder and it is not a myth. It is wrong for Muslims to deny it.
  5. Jinns are present in almost every place. They are also free to roam any place. Hence, they roam the forests, woods, graveyards etc. at any time, day or night.

Generally, the jinns reside in dirty places. They also stay in toilets, and places where people relieve their bowels in their homes or other places.

It is also narrated in traditions that the jinns live in villages, mountains, valleys and also in water. Therefore, they can roam wherever they wish. However, duas that are recited by a person will protect him from their harms.

  1. One must not be hasty in concluding that someone has done harm to him/her or he is affected by jinns. It is totally wrong for a Muslim to behave in this manner. In fact, this tendency eventually corrupts one’s belief in Allah.

Whenever one is affected in anyway, then he should seek medical treatment to correct the problem. He should continue to do this, once it is clear to him/her that it is a health related problem. If however, he sees that it is not health related and it is connected to jinn problems, like if he gets nightmares and frightening dreams or sees signs that jinns are trying to harm him/her, then he/she should go to reliable and qualified people who can help him through the correct method prescribed in Islam.

If a medical/health problem is not being corrected or cannot be corrected, it is wrong to assume that witchcraft has been done on a person similarly, if one’s family life is not going good, it is totally wrong for one to assume that others have done harm to them through witchcraft.

  1. It is totally wrong for a person to always believe that everything that happens to him is jinn related. This is against the teaching of Islam and a Muslim must not develop that behaviour. This sort of conduct makes one doubtful about others and can cause one to lay false accusations against innocent people.

While in the beginning, one is not sure as to the cause of a problem, it is nevertheless wrong in Islam to speculate and suspect one is affected by Sihr/jinn unless it is clearly apparent that this is the case.

And Allah Knows Best.

Mufti Waseem Khan.



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