I came across this, can you tell me if this is authentic or not?

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Assalamu Alaikum,

I came across this, can you tell me if this is authentic or not?

Allah Says in Hadith Qudsi:

When my servant reaches age 40 I relieve him of three calamities: madness, elephantiasis and leprosy. When he reaches the age of 50, i subject him to an easy reckoning. When he reaches the age of 60, i endear to him his return (to Me). When he is 70, i make him dear to the angels. When he is 80, i write his good deeds and cast away his evil deeds. When he is 90, the angels say : he is Allah’s prisoner on earth: his earlier and later sins are forgiven and his intercession is accepted. When he reaches the age of senility, Allah records for him (his good deeds) equal (in value) to what he did when he was in sound health. If he does anything bad it is not written. (Hadith- Tirmidhi)



Wa Alalikum As Salaam,

The hadith you have quoted is recorded by Bazaar through two chains of narrations, one of them being with reliable and trustworthy narrators. Ahmad and Abu Ya’la has also narrated it. Ibn Hibbaan and Imam Baihaqi have recorded it also.

With respect to its soundness and authenticity, some scholars have mentioned that it’s Isnad (chain of narrators) is very weak. Ibn Al Jawzi has narrated it in his ‘Al Mawdhu’aat (compilation of fabricated hadith) and has stated ‘This hadith is not evident from the Prophet (SAS). (Kitaab Al Mawdhu’aat –Ibn Jawzi vol.1 pgs. 179-181 [print Darul Fikr1983] )

And Allah knows best,
Mufti Waseem Khan


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