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Q. Assalamu Alaikum,

I and my husband travel abroad and had a baby girl the naming ceremony was done in our country where my father in law named the baby after 7days but my question is we did not cut our baby hair and we want to cut it now that she will be 1 yrs Insha Allah on 19th February. Please i want to know if its allowed and what we are to do before and after cutting. thank you. May Allah reward you..

A. Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

The time for shaving the baby girl’s hair has gone already, and it will not be allowed for you to shave it now. The Prophet (SAS), while mentioning about the acts to be done on the seventh day said that the baby’s hair should be shaved. The reason for this shaving or cutting’ is in order that the ‘birth hair’ can be removed. At the age of one year, the hair of the baby’s head is no longer the birth hair, hence, there will be no reason (or need) to shave it. Especially in the case of females, the Prophet (SAS) has not allowed the act of shaving the head (except in the case of ‘Aqeeqa’ where it is shaved on the 7th day).

If you did not sacrifice an animal as the child’s Aqeeqa and you which to do it now, it will be allowed, and you can share the meat in the same manner as your Qurbani meat. If you wish to give charity on behalf of the baby, you can do so also (in place of what you would have given if the hair was weighed when the baby was 7 days old and the head was shaved). Besides these, there isn’t anything that is essential upon you at this time.

And Allah knows best,

Mufti Waseem Khan

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