Hurdles created by my elder brother in my marriage . what punishment he get from God in life and after death .

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I love a girl her age is 25 and mine is 30 and i belong to a business family her father is doing a private job in a department where my elder brother also works he is subordinate to my brother . My parents was not agreed but after that they agreed and visited her house and it was agreed that nikah will be held after ramzan last year i.e 2001. But my elder brother have got some bad connection to a political party that party peoples misbehaves with her father and our relations were broke down . i cannot lives with out her and she also have the same feelings for me too we both want to marry each other as early as possible . My parents were also now afraid of this situation that may be my brother won’t do any thing bad to her father they are agreed to arrange nikah with her but without coming in the knowledge of the other people . We both offer namaz and pray to God to give Hidayath to my brother . I think that you are also aware of the situation that a man feels aged 30 regarding marriage . If we do a court marriage or secret nikah is it permissible due to fears of the bad man . Please also reply me that if a person do acts like this what his character in the eyes of Allah Almighty and what punishment he gets from Allah in life and also after death remember my brother also have four daughters and no son and he have no more future possibility .


We suggest you continue with the Nikah publicly as a private Nikah would
cause more problems.

Your attitude to members of the family should be one of politeness and
kindness. You haven’t really mentioned what exactly is the problem with your
brother. In other words, what makes you condemn him in this manner?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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