Male circumcision in Islam

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Recently, we were having a discussion about male circumcision in Islam. This was among me and some non Muslims. They came well researched and so I was caught off guard. They asked if Allah’s creation of the foreskin was a mistake, why we remove it. It looked as though they got info from the internet regarding verses of the Quran. They are as follows:

The Koran, in fact, is decidedly anti-circumcision, as can be deduced from the following verse. Speaking of God, the Quran states:
He created everything in exact measure; He precisely designed everything. (25:2)
He designed you, and designed you well (40:64)
He created the heavens and earth for a specific purpose, designed and perfected your design. (64:3)
He designed man in the best design. (95:4)

Could you shed some light on this for me please?


 We firmly belief in that which Allah Has stated in the Holy Quran that He Has created everything in exact measure.

These verses have nothing to do with circumcision; it is simply a mischief which these non-Muslims wish to bring about due to their deficient understanding. Circumcision is part of cleanliness which leads to good hygiene and better health. It ensures that a person always keeps his private organ free from the remains of urine etc. It is such a great benefit to the males, that many medical experts have encouraged the males to do it, and on account of this, we find that thousands of non-Muslims also circumcise.

This act of circumcision has nothing to do with altering what Allah Has created, nor is it against the design which has been given to a human being. Instead, it is part of the teachings which Muslims have been given that is connected to good health and hygiene. The act of circumcision is similar to the practice of removing other things from the body, like that of paring the nails, trimming/cutting the hair, etc. etc. We know very well that we were created with hair on our heads and nails on our fingers and toes. But is it possible for one to leave these things without trimming the hair or paring the nails? No. No one behaves in this manner. Every one removes hair, nails and other things from the body and while doing so, no one will think that it is changing the design of one’s body or that he has altered the creation of Allah.

So, Allah Has indeed designed man in the best design, through the manner of his shape, structure, look, beauty and physique. By asking us to circumcise, He is simply asking us to do that which brings more cleanliness to our body so that we can be protected from diseases. It is, in the same manner as he has instructed us to clip our nails, trim our hair and other things which we need to remove from our bodies for the proper up keep and maintenance of our health.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Waseem Khan

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