1. Some time ago they started to allow dogs at some beaches here in US, before it was not allwed. Is it okay to go in the water of that sea or lake and to walk on that sand?

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Would one become napaak if one walks on the sand or go in water? Will salaat have to be performed after taking a shower and becoming paak? Please clarify. 2. If blood or pus comes out from a cut, burn or wound, etc, does that invalidate one’s fast (eg. wudhu is broken from this)? Does it matter if it is a lot of blood or little?3. In one of your answers you said it is permissible for men to wear socks even though they may cover the ankles, so my question is what if women’s clothes go up a little over her ankles (i.e. her ankles show) in namaaz or even not in namaaz, but she is wearing socks that cover her ankles. Is that okay or does she has to cover it with her pajama/shalwar/pants? Jazakallah


1. In principle, by the mere walking of the dog on the sand, the sand does not become impure. Therefore, it is not necessary to take a bath nor perform Wudhu.

2. No, the fast is not invalidated, only the Wudhu is invalidated according to the Hanafi Madhab.

3. Ankles are part of the Satar (parts of the body which have to be covered) for women. Therefore, it is incorrect for women to perform Salat while their ankles are exposed. It is necessary to cover the ankles.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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