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Since my wife is pregnant and she is unable to cut her pubic hair, Can I cut them for her. How often are we suppose to cut our pubic hair and our arm pit hair (every 30 or 40 days). And is their a special day for this and cutting hair and nails nails. What is the Sunnah in cutting nails.

I am praying five times salah with Jamat with the blessing of Allah, and try to attach myself towards Islam and I am trying to follow Islam. Today 19/June/05 after fajr pray I slept and I saw the dream. This is first time I saw this dream that the world is so much in trouble and I saw suddenly my all nails of hand become black, I told my sister or might be other that Dajjal has appeared now and now so much people may get killed, I told them in dream that I have read that when all everyone’s nails become black then it means that dajjal is appeared and then I see my other people (my family nail also black). Then some people ask me tell them about dajjal I tell them not to about otherwise he can hear as well and hurt you. I have a feeling in the dream that its appear far away from my native country (Pakistan) and in dream I’m in Pakistan. But one thing I told to the peoples that I mean that the time is come mehdii will kill dajjal and time is now near for success. I see someone fight as well.

About 2 years ago I had very severe problems with doubts in taharah and salat. AlhamduLillah, these times are far away, and I feel myself much more comfortable. But unfortunately now I suffer from some new doubts which appeared recently. The first problem is regarding materials which doesn’t penetrate water. Before wudhu I’m in doubt whether there are some of them on my heels and near nails. For example, if I have few yarns stuck to my heels, I don’t know whether they are synthetic ones (which don’t penetrate water) or not. Because there are just a few yarns, I can’t advocate whether they penetrate water or not. Also sometimes I find hair stuck to my nails or heels, and again I’m in doubt whether it penetrates water or not. Also if I have some dirt, I’m also in doubt whether it contains some small amount of water-not-penetrating materials. So, my wudhu becomes quite a long procedure, where I try to look at my heels and nails thoroughly trying to remove all the dirt, yarns, stuck pieces of hair. The second problem is in washing my face. I know that we can’t wash one limb with water which was used for washing another limb. So the doubt is as follows: if washing the face my palms will touch hair, I start to think, that on my hands there is water which was used washing my hair, not the face, so I wash my hands, and continue washing the face with new water. The other problem is that I don’t know what part of eyes should I wash – I understand that we don’t need to wash eyes themselves, but what’s about the red area which is near roots of eyelashes (above, under, right and left to eyes)?

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