Tasbih Fatimi

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 There are different narrations with the most well known being reading tasbih & tahlil 33 times and takbir 34 times. My question is whether one could read it once?


In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.




Tasbih Fatimi is the prayer given by the Prophet of Allah (SAW) to Saaidah Fatima (RA) when she asked the Prophet of Alllah (SAW) for a servant.


The full Hadith is that it was reported by Saaiduna Abu Hurairah (RA) that Saaidah Fatimi (RA) had come to the Prophet of Allah (SAW) asking him for a servant. He said, “ Shall I not guide you to what is better than a servant? Read Tasbih of Allah 33 times and Tahmid of Allah 33 times and Takbir of Allah 34 times at the time of each prayer and at the time of your sleep.” (Mishkat P209 V1 Sahih Muslim)


One should recite the aforementioned tasbih, tahlil 33 times and takbir 34 times. However if a person is busy and does not have time to complete the above dua, then by merely reading each one of them 10 times will suffice and one will be rewarded as well.


It is reported by Saaiduna Abdullah Ibn-Amr bin- Aas (RA) that the Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:


“There are two virtuous deeds which no Muslim does but enter paradise. Behold they are easy and those who act upon them are few. He shall recite Tasbih of Allah 10 times at the end of each prayer and his Tahmids 10 times and his Takbirs 10 times.” (Mishkat P211 Sunan Abu DawudP 335 v2 Sunan Tirmizi P178 v2)


If a person does not have time to recite even that then by reciting tasbih and tahlil once there are many virtues.


It is narrated by Saaiduna Ibn Abbas (RA) that the Propeht of Allah (SAW) said:


“Those who will first be called to Paradise on the Day of Judgement will be those who praised Allah secretly and openly.” (Mishkat P201)


Saaiduna Ibn Masud (RA) narrates that the Propeht of Allah (SAW) said:


“I met Ibrahim (AS) on the night I was taken to Paradise. He said: “O Muhammad! Convey my greeting to your followers and inform them that Paradise is of pure earth and of sweet water and it has got vast fields. Its plantations are glorifications to Allah (Tasbih) and Praise of Allah (Tahlil) and there is no God but Allah (La Illaha Illalah) and Allah is the greatest. (Takbir)       (Mishkat P202)


Only Allah Knows Best.


Mohammed Tosir Miah


Darul Ifta Birmingham

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