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Do I need to shave after 1st Umrah? Can I Tawaf on 1st/2nd floor of Masjid al-Haram? Can I do 2 Rakat of Nafl/Wajib?

Answered as per Hanafi Fiqh by Darulifta-Deoband.com
(I) I plan to do more than one Umrah. I will be shaving off my head completely after the 1st umrah and in the 2nd umrah will not have any hair, still do I have to shave again completely. During heat or rush can I perform tawaf on 1st or 2nd floor masjid surround the Kabah instead of mataaf. Can I perform the 2 rakat of nafl for Ihram or 2 rakat of wajib tawaf on following timings? (a) After Fajr salah before sunrise. (b) Just before Zuhr. (c) After Asr and before Maghrib. Can I go to Masjid Ayesha in night, tie Ihram, offer nafl for Ihram, make intention come back and sleep in hotel room at Makkah and then do tawaf and Sai’ the next morning or do tawaf on same night and then sleep in hotel and perform Sai’ next morning. If I am at Ayesha Masjid and miss fardh salah at Haram Sharif, will I get same reward of offering fardh salah at Ayesha Masjid while going from India? Can I only wear Ihram and offer nafl before boarding plane and make intention of Umrah and talbiyah in the plane?


(Fatwa: 1132/D=243/File-D=1433)

(1) It is necessary to shave the head after second Umrah as well. If there are no hair on the head then pass the razor over the head.
(2) You can do it.
(3) No, you cannot offer it. Wait for the valid time then offer salah.
وختم الطواف باستلام الحجر استنانا ثم صلى شفعا فى وقت مباح …. قيد للصلاة فقط فتكره فى وقت الكراهية (الدر مع الرد جلد 3/ ص:512 )
(4) Yes, you can wear ihram by going to Masjid Ayesha and offer two raka’ah as well. It is not necessary to perform the Umrah rituals just after ihram rather you can delay it. But it is necessary to save yourself from the things which are forbidden in Ihram. Hence after wearing ihram in the night, you can do Umrah rituals (tawaf and sai’) in the morning.
(5) You will not get the reward of offering salah in Masjid Haram by offering salah in Masjid Ayesha, as Masjid Ayesha is out of Haram boundary. And in hadith the virtue is attached with offering salah either in the Masjid haram or at least whole in the area of haram (على اختلاف الاقوال)
واختلف فى المراد بالمسجد الحرام قيل مسجد الجماعة وأيده المحب الطبري قيل الكعبة خاصة …. وذكر البري فى شرح الأشباه في أحكام المسجد او المشهور عند أصحابنا أن التضعيف يعم جميع مكة بل جميع حرم مكة الذي يحرم صيده (ج:3، ص: 547 الدر مع الرد)
(6) Ihram actually is the name of intention and labbaik (or any zikr representing zikr of Allah), ihram does not mean special cloth or its shape. Hence when you intend to enter in the ihram of Hajj or Umrah then you should make wudhu or ghusl and wear clean unstitched cloth and offer two raka’ah then read the following dua:
اللهم إني أريد الحج العمرة فيسره لي وتقبله منى
Then recite labbaik making intention of hajj or Umrah. Thus the person shall enter into ihram and it shall be necessary for him to avoid things which are forbidden during ihram.

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta’ala) knows Best

Darul Ifta,
Darul Uloom Deoband

This answer was collected from the official ifta website of Darul Uloom Deoband in India.