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It is really paining me to see what the enemies of Islam are doing to Muslims. I would like to know how to avenge the muslims?

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It is really paining me to see what the enemies of Islam are doing to Muslims.  I would like to know how to avenge the muslims?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.You imply from your query that the root of the problems of the ummah are the enemies of Islam.  This is just one dimension of a multi-dimensional problem facing the ummah.

When searching for a solution in a problem, it is vital that the problem is carefully diagnosed.  It is only then that a solution can be considered.  If the diagnosis is wrong, no amount of solution will be effective.

It is true that we have enemies and they are out to attack us.  Islam had enemies right from its inception.  For Islam and Muslims to be triumphant we have to be balanced and avoid emotions in reaching conclusions.  Why cannot we consider that we are our own enemies and responsible for our own problems?

Today every sin is common in the Ummah.  Pornography is widespread in Muslim states, gambling is the past time of today, wine is being consumed like water, interest based transactions is the way we are making our livelihood and the list goes on.  Our love for this worldly life has become so intense that to acquire a few Dollars and Pounds, we are ready to sacrifice all values and principles.  Greed has filled our veins.  Jealousy has saturated our hearts.

Today’s predicament is nothing new in the Ummah.  The Muslims in Spain were hit with a wave of tribulations.  The Muslims of Mesopotamia were hit by the Tartars.  Many other assaults have occurred on the Muslim nation.  The same reason which triggered these events has triggered the events we see unfolding daily.

If lack of numbers was the reason, we would not be facing problems as we are approximately 1.3 billion in number.  If lack of wealth was the cause, then the Middle Eastern countries possess the most oil reserves.  The Muslims in Spain and Mesopotamia possessed similar numbers and boasted a booming economy, yet they were tested.

When the Muslims practiced on every letter of the Qur῾ān and implemented the lifestyle of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam, the world humbled herself in front of them.  The kings surrendered to the leaders of the Muslims.  The civilisations opposing them ceased to exist.

The greatest needed of the time is to revive the hearts.  The love of Allah and the life hereafter have to be more beloved to us than the whole world and what it contains.

If we want once again the flag of Islam to rise high, we have to undergo spiritual reformation.

All negative behaviour displayed by any human is due to the corruption of the heart.  All problems in the society are primarily based on the lack of self reformation.  Fights occur between people due to people being arrogant and proud.  Theft and burglary is committed due to intense greed.  Oppression is committed due to self conceit.  Weakness in faith and a lack of resolve is induced by love for this world.  Thus, it becomes quite apparent that all forms of oppression and injustice is predominantly due to a person bearing negative attributes.

All actions transpire after the thought of it crosses the mind and the heart settles on executing it.  If a person has subdued his base desires, his heart which is ever conscious of Almighty Allah will at once inhibit any thought of evil.  If the base desires have been left without a leash, then a person will pounce upon every act his heart desires, resulting it turmoil.

The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam) said,

“Verily, there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good the whole body is good and if it is corrupted the whole body is corrupted; lo! It is the heart .

To alter or rectify anything, one has to consult with a specialist in that field. For car breakdowns there are mechanics.  For computers there are technicians.  To get a car moving again, it has to be repaired by a mechanic.  To overcome a virus or malfunction, the computer has to be repaired by a technician.  Likewise, to rectify the ills of the heart, we have to consult and seek the guidance of scholars trained in the field of Tazkiyah (spiritual purification).

If a constant effort for spiritual rectification is made on a micro-level, the effects of this will be evident on a macro-level.  Every person must engage in pro-actively in rectifying himself in order to save himself and others of all forms of oppression.

Allah Ta῾ālā grant us victory and alleviate the problems we are facing.  Amīn.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mufti Faraz Ibn Adam al-Mahmudi

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