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Q: How many metres of fabric does one require for an average lady’s Kufun (burial shroud)? And in what mannner should they be cut? Should the fabric be washed or is it OK to wrap one as purchased without washing? Can you describe how to cut the pieces.

A: Kafn for female:
*          Izaar – 3.5 metres
*          Lifafah – 4.5 metres
*          Qamees – 1.8 metres
*          Khimaar – 1.4 metres
*          Seenaband – 1,8 metres (to cover chest area)

Additional requirements

Any material 2.5 metres, 115cm wide. This has to be made into two pieces for tehbands (sheets for covering satr during Ghusl), about 115 cm square, the remainder should be used as mittens when performing Ghusl.

Sixty grams camphor cut fine, sixty grams sandal wood powder and rose water for paste to be applied on areas of sajdah.

Small bottle of Hunoot if easily available, for males only. (Hunoot refers to any substance, which the corpse can be perfumed with. The substance must be paak (pure).

The fabric does not have to be washed.

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