This answer was collected from HanbaliDisciples.com. The questions have been answered by Imam John Starling.

Salaatul Janaazah

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Q: Assalaamu Alaikum (1)        How to perform Salaatul Janaazah (in detail)? (2)        When the deceased body arrives and departs do individuals have to stand? A: Wa alaikum Assalaam In Salaatul Janaazah there are two acts tht are held as being compulsory. These are :- 1)Saying the Takbeer (Allaahu Akbar) four times. 2)Qiyaam, that is offering… read more »

Dress code for girls and women.

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Q. Is it sunnah for girls to have shirt length till midcalf and without slits and what is the virtue of keeping a veil on the head for girls? A. For women and girls who have reached the age of puberty (baligh), it is compulsory for them to cover the entire body, except the face… read more »

Awrah of a daughter.

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Q. What is the awrah of a daughter in the presence of her father, mother, sister, brother, uncle and aunt? Is it permissible for a father or mother to enter the delivery room to witness their daughter give birth? What about a sister? A. The following parts of the body of the daughter can be… read more »


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QUESTION: As Salaamu Alaikum, I wanted to ask you that I have been infested with the problem of body lice since June 2019. My clothes and bedding is totally infested with lice. Everywhere I go, these lice travel with me. They also live in the roots of my pubic hair, chest hair, even head and… read more »

Status of Salaah If Sajda Sahw Is left Out

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Question: A person performed his salaat and after some time he realized that a sajdahsahw which had become waajib in the salaat was not performed. What should he do in this case? Also, what is the ruling if the sajdahsahw was left out intentionally?   Answer:SajdaSahw, if left out (forgetfully or intentionally), should be performed… read more »

Waxing And Removal Of Hair For Women

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Question: Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, 1. It is a common practice of young Muslim females to wax their body hair i.e. hair from arms, legs and face especially before their weddings. I know it is not permissible to pluck the eyebrow hair but is this practice of removing the hair from legs and arms permissible?… read more »