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Surgery for Breast Enhancement

Q: Is it permissible to undergo surgery to enhance ones breasts?

A: Having surgery done on one’s breasts purely for the purpose of beautification is not allowed, for it involves mutilating one’s body (muthla) and changing the nature created by Allah Most High (Taghyeer-e- khalqillah).

However, if the breasts have become extremely abnormal, in that they are considered to be ugly, unsightly and hideous to the point that it leads to a great deal of hardship, then there would be a dispensation of permissibility.

Thus, if you are able to use some sort of medical treatment in order to normalize your breasts, then you should do that. However, if you have no option but to have surgery done, then that would be allowed in such exceptional cases, provided two conditions are met:

1) The operation is safe from potential harms.
2) It is carried out by a female specialist, if possible.

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