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Q: I recently discovered my husband is having an online affair with a Muslim woman he befriended on Facebook. We have agreed to sort things out but I am concerned about my financial position should he decide he wants to leave. We are married many years and I have been working for all those years. My money goes into the household so I have only managed to save with insurance policies. We are married in community of property so I want to know from an Islamic viewpoint, how can I safeguard myself financially. Your advise would be valued and appreciated.

A: This is a difficult situation. we make Du’aa that your marriage stays intact and that Allah Ta’aala grant protection, Aameen.
A few suggestions:
* Ask your husband to transfer the house on to your name entirely.
* Stop contributing towards the house expenses. Let him pay all the bills and you can start saving.
* Note that in the insurance issue, only that money is permissible for you which you have paid in. Any payment over and above that will not be Halaal. Insurance is impermissible in Islam.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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