Moulana Yusuf Laher

Reciting behind Imam

Q: What do I read in the Fard of Asr and Zuhr behind the imaam in all four rakaats?A: The Imam recites on your behalf. You will not recite Surah Faatihah and Surah at all. When the Salaah commences, recite Thanaa and thereafter remain silent. Thanaa is read only in...

Contact with Non Muslim Sister

Q: My sister left the fold of Islam 17 years ago. I never had contact with her up to 6 months ago hoping to get her to come back to Islam. Is it wrong to be in contact with her? I miss her so much.A: Keep contact with her, treat her with kindness and compassion with...

Leg Bracelets for Boy

Q: Can a new born baby boy wear two bracelets made of mix of  copper and silver on his legs? A: Wearing of these bracelets is not substantiated in the Sunnah so it must be avoided. Moulana Yusuf Laher Original Source Link

Physical Exercise

Q: Is taking physical exercise permitted in Islam?A: Physical exercise is permissible.Moulana Yusuf Laher Original Source Link

Extent of Floods in Time of Nooh alaihis salaam

Q: During the time of Prophet Nooh (Noah) alayhis salaam did the floods affect the the entire world or only certain areas?A: There are both opinions. The stronger opinion is that it affected certain areas. (Qisasul Qur'aan V1 P63/64).Allah Ta'aala knows best.Moulana...

Ihraam for Baby

Q: Should a one  year old also wear ihraam when his parents are performing umrah? A: The baby does not wear Ihraam.Moulana Yusuf Laher Original Source Link

Delaying Bath after Sexual Intercourse

Q: I'm happy to know that it's permissible to delay an obligatory ghusl (bath) after sexual intercourse. The reason is I'm living with my in laws and when I go to the kitchen early morning it gets quite late to complete all the work and come back. So it becomes...

Qurbani on 10th Muharram

Q: Can I do qurbani on the tenth day of Muharram?A: There is no Qurbani on 10 Muharram. Qurbani is done on Eidul Adhaa only. Moulana Yusuf Laher Original Source Link

Ladies reading Taraweeh in Musjid

Q: I wanted to know if we read taraweeh in a mosque with the imam, how do we read esha salah? And do we read witr after taraweeh? How do we read esha before taraweeh so we can start with the imam?A: It is best for a lady to perform all her Salaahs at home. If you do...