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Q: I have a question regarding ghusl and fasting. As a newly married couple we engage in intercourse every night. To perform ghusl do I, as the woman, need to was my hair completely every day? Do I have to do it before fajr salaah in order to fast? I suffer with terrible migraines after I wash my hair as my house is very cold which also affects. Or can I wash it later in the day (before noon) and make Qaza of my fajr?

A: When taking a Ghusl (bath), it will be compulsory to wet all the hair and to ensure that water has also reached the roots of the hair. If this is not done, the Ghusl will not be valid.

If the woman’s hair is tied into plaits then it is not compulsory upon her to open the plaits and wet the hair when bathing. She must just ensure that water reaches the roots of her hair. However, hair that is already loose at the time of Ghusl must be washed completely. Failing to do so will render the Ghusl invalid.

If one commences the fast in an impure state, the fast is valid. So you can start your fast before taking a bath.

This is not a valid enough reason to delay the Fajr and make it Qadhaa. The Salaah has to be made on time.

If this is the case then one will have to sacrifice the emotions and desires and ensure that Fajr is made on time. Allah is aware of your sacrifice and rewards accordingly.

May Allah Ta’aala grant you a blissful marriage and adherence to the Deen, Aameen.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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