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Occasion for Sajda Sahw

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Q: What are the Wajibat and Sunnat in Namaz/Salaah? If I leave out a surah in salah will I have to do sajda sahu? Is reciting surah in namaz wajib? On what other occasion will I have to do sajdah sahu, only on missing wajibat of salah or on missing sunnat in salah as well?   Please if you could tell me when to do sajdah sahu and when if not said after any mistake in namaz, my namaz will be valid? If I can refer any book on this please tell me.

A: If a Fardh act is left out, the Namaaz has to be repeated.
If a Waajib is left out, Sajdah Sahw will be made.
If a Sunnah is left out, Sajdah Sahw will not be made.

If one forgot to add a Surah, Sajdah sahw will be made.

There is a book in Urdu called: Deen ki Baatein. This is a good book to check for Masaa’il.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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