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Q: Someone I know regularly purchases and consumes a food product that is halal for consumption in principle, but it is illegal to obtain where he lives. Thus, he resorts to illegal means when both purchasing the item and receiving it.

He is obtaining a medication that is illegal in his country but using it at a dosage higher than normal in order to help him lose weight. He is using it under the supervision of a personal trainer to ensure that he does so safely without harming his health. He obtains this by ordering it from countries where this medication is legal and has those people ship it to him in his country where it is illegal to purchase.

Does the fact that he obtains this item illegally (per the laws of the land he lives in) render it haram for consumption and thus, render his deeds unaccepted for 40 days?

A: It is not a general principle that it is Haraam to break the law of the land.

For him to purchase and consume this according to Islamic law is permissible on condition that there is no Haraam ingredient in the product.

Thus, it will not affect his deeds.

Allah Ta’aala knows best.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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