Organ Failure and Martyrdom

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Q: My father passed away recently after 15 days hanging in between life and death after a heart attack and lungs, kidney and liver failure. I read in a previous thread that a person who dies with a stomach ailment gets the death of a shaheed (martyr). My dad also died with total organ failure; will it be considered a shaheed’s death?

A: The Hadeeth mentions that the person who dies due to a stomach ailment receives the death of a Shaheed (martyr). (Kanzul Ummaal V4 P415).

Have hope in the Mercy of Allah that He grants your father the status of a Shaheed.

May Allah Ta’aala grant him Maghfirah and Jannatul Firdaus and may the family be granted the required Sabr, Aameen.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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