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Gift vs inheritance

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah,
1.Is there a direct hadeeth or an incident of a sahaba where they have gifted their entire property whilst they are alive.

2.wealth is a test and life is a test. If I can give away my whole property as per my wish when I am alive can I give away my life also?
3.if I give away my wealth when I am alive isn’t it like handing over my bat to my friend before I am out. How will I play my game?

4. 5 years ago I gifted my property to my divorced daughter of mine. Now my other daughter got divorced too to whom I didn’t leave anything. Who is responsible for her?

5.after gifting my property to my daughter I’m in debt. Where should I seek help from?

6.ulama are saying it’s ok to favour the poor and the week child when giving the property as a gift. But in the law of inheritance Allah gives more shares to the strong over the poor. Why?

7.if parents can strike the balance of rich and poor in gifting properties why did Allah ordained the law of zakath instead he could have commanded to give more to the poor under the law of inheritance?

8.I believe that law of gift is nothing but a rat hole to exit from the law of inheritance. It only increases our sufferings its never going to be a solution to our problems except for God’s law.

Hanafi Fiqh

Doubt in Halal Restaurants

Question(s) One of my friends says that as long as the owner is a Muslim, we should feel free to eat from a restaurant. I am really cautious. What is the correct ruling? Are we allowed to eat from a place where we don’t exactly know if it was slaughtered in a...

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Women Clothing

Assalamualaikum,  I wanted to ask can a wife wear ladies shirts, ladies jeans, mini skirts, short clothes, any type of clothes that expose body parts and any type of clothes which are see through only to please her husband? only in front of her husband by trying...

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Business dealing with father

Assalaa Alaikum, Many years ago I started a business with my father in Pakistan. Alhumduliallah my father bought a lot of property and I paid for all the properties. Later my father sold a lot of the property, but never shared the profit with me. Once I noticed that I...

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Fazilat of Sur-e-As Shams

Assalamo Alaykum Repscted Hadhrat: Is it true that if someone recites Sur-e-As shams he gets a reward of giving all the treasures of earth in Sdaqa?  Please give refenece. الجواب وباللہ التوفیق The Hadeeth in question is given in “Tafseer Tha’labi, volume...

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Please help me learn islam

asalaamu alaikum. My name is Amarn meah from london. Please provide a books list in english in the following subjects Aqeedah/tawheed Hadith/Sunnah Tafseer Fiqh/halal and haraam-what is permissable what is impersable such photography,food,opposite gender,transactons...