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It is Permissible to Take a Compensation Against the Harm Resulting from Negligence

In Europe, it is allowed for a woman to undergo a diagnosis for her embryo during the first months of pregnancy to check whether it has Down`s Syndrome, or not. Actually, a woman gave birth to a baby that has been diagnosed with Down`s Syndrome, so she filed a lawsuit against the hospital for not running that test in the early stages of her pregnancy. As a result, the court ruled that she gets a certain amount of money as a compensation. Is it permissible for her to take that money?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Offering Food to the Family of the Deceased is from Sunnah

We are members of a big Jordanian clan, and we have established a fund to meet its various financial obligations. Is it permissible to make a big banquet on behalf of a deceased relative, who participated in that fund, to all members of the clan although it costs a great deal of money. What is the most valid from an Islamic point of view as regard such banquet ?

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