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Compensation for Breaking an Oath

Q: If a promise made to Allah by taking an oath breaks forgetfully then what should the kaffarah (compensation) be?

A: The Kaffaarah (compensation) of breaking an oath has to also be fulfilled, which is ONE of the following three options;
(1) to feed ten needy Muslims twice in a day,
(2) to give ten needy Muslims a set of clothes each.
If the person cannot do this because of financial constraints (he cannot afford to give it), then he/she will fast for three days consecutively. The three fasts have to be consecutive (Raddul Muhtaar).

The option of fasting ONLY applies if the person cannot afford one of the first two options.
In feeding the needy, it is also allowed to feed the same person for ten days. One is not allowed to give food for ten days at one time to a person.

Moulana Yusuf Laher

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