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Q: In 4 rakkats sunnah, on the second rakkat after the second sajda I recite tashhahud and mistakenly recite durood ebrahim and on reciting the durood I realise my mistake and stop without completing the durood and continue with the third rakaat; Should I perform sajda sahu in this case and is it wrong to stop reciting the durood before completing the durood?

A. If in the first sitting of a three or four Rakaat Salaah one recited this much of the Durood after Tashahhud: ALLAHUMMA SALLI ALAA MUHAMMADIN… then one should stop the Durood immediately and stand up to continue with the rest of the Salaah. In the last sitting Sajdah Sahw has to be made for this mistake.

Mufti Siraj Desai

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