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Assalam o Alikum! I work in a government organization and am strictly banned from doing any side business as long as im in it. There is a separate welfare organization run by my organization for the benefit of ex employees, widows of the deceased, orphans etc. This welfare organization is doing active business in the form of 41 projects that include housing schemes, sugar and cement mills, aviation, bank, insurance and agricultural farms etc. This welfare organization has introduces a welfare scheme for the benefit of the employees of my organization, whereby, money can be invested with them and a profit of 14% annually is received (as of now). The rate of profit is revised annually and is adjusted according to the net profit made by the organization, however, there is no loss. My Question is that profit given by this welfare scheme is halal of haram keeping in view following limitations: 1. Im not allowed to participate or start in any business of my own. If i do so, im liable to be penalized. 2. My expenses are hardly met by my salary and i wish to earn extra money. 3. The welfare organization is not a typical bank (with lending money business), instead, it has 41 countryvide projects of its own where the amount is invested and profits are generated. 4. The scheme is meant for the benefit of employees of my organization only, noone else can participate. Please guide me if investing in such scheme is fine or otherwise. Thanks


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