Please explain about Allah breathing of His soul into Adam and an angel breathing the breath of life into us

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Alsalamu alaykum, I have some questions regarding our creation. The Quran says Allah breathed into Adam of His own spirit. Also, when we are in the whomb an angel blows the breath of life into us, correct me if I’m mistaken. In parenthesis while reading about this it said that Allah breathed the spirit He created for Adam into him(which would also apply to us in the whomb). Can you please explain how, as much as you can with what Allah gave you, gives us our souls. I was having trouble cause when I read that( Allah breathes of His soul into Adam or us), things arose which I tried to understand, but had trouble. I’m not going to tell you what I was thinking but I might write another about the same topic. So please explain. Another question is do you get annoyed when I keep asking questions? Also can you explain about the angel breathing into us a little? Jazakum Allahu kahyran


1. You enquire whether we get annoyed with your frequent questions. Why should we? We, in fact, appreciate your questions. You have presented the ground of your heart for us to plant some seeds of Islam in it. Those seeds of Islam will grow and will benefit you and the cause of Islam. Your questions and our answers are placed on the site for the Ummah to benefit and you have enabled us, with your questions, to expound various aspects of Deen. We are, therefore, appreciative to you for your questions. It is an honour for us to serve you.

2. Reverting to your query about Allah and the angel breathing the soul. Allah Ta’ala tells us in the Qur’aan, ?They ask you about (reality of) the rooh (soul), tell them, the soul is from the order of my Rabb (Allah).? (Bani Israaeel). The reality of the soul and how it came into us is beyond our understanding. It suffices for us to believe that the soul is from Allah and He put the soul into us through which we live. When the soul is removed, we die.

The Qur’aan only addresses issues of significance to us which are also within our comprehension. The reality of the soul is beyond our understanding and the actual procedure of how it came to us is not significant either. Now that we have our souls, focus on the actual purpose of life. Clean the soul by feeding it only with correct beliefs of Allah and remove all incorrect beliefs. Place good attributes in the soul, humbleness, love, affection and obedience to Allah, remove pride, haughtiness, arrogance, etc. Concentrate on moulding the sould towards good and avoid discussing issues that are not significant or beyond our understanding.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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