Shafi'i Fiqh

What is Obligatory upon Husband towards Wife in Terms of Housing

I married my second wife a year ago, however, she insists that I register the apartment where she lives in her name and tries to force me to do so by starting trouble and staying at her parents`. She does so because she thinks that this is her right according to the rules of Sharia. Is this really her right taking into consideration the fact that I have a first wife and five children and don`t want to be unjust to any of my heirs?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Ruling on Custody of the Disabled Child

My wife gave birth to a baby boy with Down Syndrome. She refuses to breastfeed, take custody of, and wants to abandon him. She told me to send him to foster care or give him to a family that doesn`t mind raising such a child. She says that she isn`t obligated by Sharia Law to take custody of a disabled child and that this, according to her, is a right of hers. We decided to go to a court of Sharia to settle this dispute. It is worth mentioning that we are a happily married couple. In light of this, is it valid for a woman to abandon her disabled child?

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