How are shrimp crab and lobster halal ? How do most scholars know the difference between fish and shrimp are there scientists that help them research this?

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When reciting quran after fatiha is it permissible to recite for example in the first rakat surah falaq and in the second surah quraysh , does the order of the surahs matter? Would it be better to sell marijuana over selling pork and alcohol , is it permissible to sell marijuana in this case? Do we have to follow fatwas given by sisters and are the sisters on your website alimas ? For someone born and raised in America is it obligatory for them to move to a Muslim country?


According to the Hanafi Math-hab only Samak (Fish species) is permissible to eat from the sea animals, therefore crabs and lobsters will not be permissible to eat. However, with regards to shrimps, if they are categorised as Samak then it will be permissible to eat otherwise not. Some jurists have categorised it as fish and others have not, therefore it will be Makrooh (odious).

To consider the order of the Surahs is from the etiquettes of the recitation in Salaah. Although inconsideration of the order may not affect the validity of the Salaah in any way. (Raddul Muhtaar, Vol. 1, Page 404)

It will be permissible to sell marijuana for medical purposes, otherwise marijuana, pork and alcohol are haraam to sell but pork and alcohol has greater prohibition attached to them. (Ahsanul Fataawaa, Vol. 6, Page 494)

If a woman is well acquainted with the Islamic jurisprudence then there is no harm in following her Fataawaa.

If it is possible for a person to practice freely on Deen in America, then it will not be necessary for him to move to a Muslim country.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best,

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf
Darul Iftaa – Jameah Mahmoodiyah, Springs


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