Can I go to tableeghi jamaat without the permision of parents?

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assalamualaikum, 1) I am 19 years old and ALHAMDULILLAH I am attached with tablighi work and feel it’s importance but my entire family is against tablighi jama’at and they dont let me go out for three days a month and they dont even allow me to participate in gasht and ta’leem. I am really worried about what to do because whenever I intend to go, the idea comes to my mind that if u go u’ll disobey ur parents and on the other hand, I say to my nafs that if u wont go then u’ll fulfill the order of your parents and disobey ALLAH. 2) my parents and elders brothers also dont let me keep my pant above the ankel. they say that it is not sin to keep it below the ankel.and they usually become angry on me. 3) my father and elder brother also order me to cut my beard they say that u should make khat but my beard is not even a fist length. they say that u r in germany u should be a modern and look at different molvi and hafiz, they also cut it even before a fist length. So please give me a good advise in all of these conditions. Should i listen to my family or should i just keep trying to pracice the true teachigs of NABI(PBUH). jazakallah.


Whilst understanding the importance of the commands of Allah Ta’ala, it is also of equal importance to make your family of the same understanding. The problems that you face is all because of one reason, which is the importance of Deen is not in the hearts of your family.

Respect of the parents is of utmost importance. We propose one simple solution which will, Insha Allah, remove all the problems that face you including, trousers below the ankles, trimming the beard, etc. This is to establish Ta’leem at home. This will need a bit of courage since you do not have a Deeni environment at home.

Every day, at some suitable time may for 10 ? 15 minutes, sit with the Kitaab ?Fadhaail-e-Aamaal?, read it in a medium tone, not too loud, but read to yourself. Do not ask or command anyone to participate. Continue to do so until the hearts of your family members will soon soften and they will, Insha Allah, one day participate which will in turn make them Deeni conscious. Together with this, be kind to them, greet them and gradually win them over. Du’aa is the key to everything. After every Salaat, all the time make Du’aa for them. Insha Allah,. Allah will soon open the way for you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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