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1) if a person wants to marry 2nd time, should his first wife’s permission be taken…

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1) I want to knw that if a person wants to marry 2nd time, should his first wife’s permission be taken 2) Should his second wife knw that he is married . PLz give the answer with proper justified explanation because I have to explain somebody about this. You had said some time before that its not needed to tell aur ask either of the wives , but why and wht is the reason behind this . Plz explain it thouroughly


Jazakallah for your response.

1) The 1st wife permission to marry a second time is not required. However one should understand that you have a stable marriage with the first wife who supported you through difficult times, pain, sickness etc and suddenly discovering your 2nd marriage may bring pain and hurt and anger ? Your good life of marriage may go through a traumatic problem. Your wife may feel betrayed. Also perchance she suspects an affair.

2) It is important for the 2nd wife to know that you are married. This will also be a betrayal for her when she discovers your first marriage ?leading to complications and problems in Marriage. It will also be an indication to a very deceptive character misleading the lady to believe that you are not married.

Furthermore you yourself having problematic marriages because of hiding from your first wife ? may lead to problems which may be able to bear, and often leads men to depression etc? in our social experience.

Perhaps you should check your purpose of marriage to a 2nd wife ? Is it that you may be courting someone out of marriage ? which is Haraam? Is it that she is a pious woman? Is it for lust and passion? Are you financially stable to maintain both families? Are you mentally and physically capable of handling problems of 2 women and their families?

Any ruling which is given to us, which is truly a Shari ruling, and of customs related should be accepted without question. As Islaam is total submission. Certain ruling maybe beyond our comprehension however necessitates complete obedience. However in our present times of culture and customs, always check if our actions , habits or upbringing is truly attributed to Shari or Customs

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best



Ps. May Allah Ta’ala make your choice correct of ease and happiness be it only with one wife or with both

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