I am facing dielma regarding my marriage, i am married but the woman i love needs me? suggest me if it is fine for me to divorce my wife and get married to somebody else …

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I am 26 and I got married 2 months back. The girl I got married to is my cousin and is unable to see. Thus cannot fulfill household responsibilities toward me. Now I have known another lady for whom I have a lot of feelings and affection for 2 years. And I believe she is the one who can give me a nice home and can help me to make my life better on the earth and in Akhirah and that she can bring up kids in Islamic manner. She has been married to another person, and has now been divorced. She has two young kids. Then she has lost her parents and has no brother or sister to take care of her. The way I feel for her it is not possible for me to live a life in which she is alone and facing hardship of life. Please suggest me if it is fine for me to divorce my wife and get married to her because she is the one for whom I have love and affection. And for my wife I only have feelings of sympathy.


There are two issues in your mail, a) Divorce and, b) Marriage.

It is important for you to understand the gravity of both actions. You are not married to just any woman. She is your cousin. You knew her and her situation before committing to marriage. It is inappropriate for you to simply divorce her to marry another person. In simple terms, you cannot dump her. There will also be major implications in the family relationship in doing so. It is obvious, bitterness will set in and family ties will be severed. You should condition yourself to accept your wife as she is and continue your life with her. No marriage is a bed of roses. Every marriage has its own unique situation and challenges.

As regards marrying another person, you should not consider that at this stage. You should allow yourself sufficient time to adjust with your present wife. It is not possible for you to commit in marriage to every woman you sympathise with. If that is how you sincerely feel, your present wife is sufficient to earn Allah’s pleasure and great positions in Jannah.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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