1).is it ok to swollow tears when performing salat(2).to kill pests such as cockroaches 3).is solat fajr the same as subuh?

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(1).is it ok to swollow tears when performing salat(2).to kill pests such as cockroaches(3).my friend had a dream of the sun exploding into the nine planets..what does this mean?(4).is it ok to..after washing my private part with water i dry my private part on the towel i use to dry myself after bathing,is this permissible?(5).is solat fajr the same as subuh? if it isn’t how and when do i perform solat fajr? what are the recomemded surahs to read during fajr?(6)i want to conquer the syataan in me n turn it into a Muslim ,is this possible?(7)is one supposed to say “assalamualaina ya ibadilahissalihin” when one enters his house?(8)is it ok to trim one’s body(legs n arms)hair or to pluck hair from one’s face not beard or to shave the area between the left n right eyebrow so that they do not join?


1. No, this breaks the Salaat. (Tahtaawi pg.324; Shaami vol.1 pg.460)

2. Yes, one could kill such pests. (Sahih Muslim; Fathul Bari vol.4 pg.45-49)

3. We should ask Almighty Allah to protect us from causing splits in our Deen.

4. It is Makrooh to wipe the limbs of Wudhu with the towel used to wipe the private organs. (Shaami vol.1 pg.92, 97)

5. Yes, Salaat al-Subh and Salaat al-Fajr are the same. Salaatul Fajr is sometimes referred to as Salaat al-Subh which literally means the Salaat of the morning. It is Sunnat to recite any Surah from Surah Hujuraat (Surah49) upto and including Surah Burooj (85). (Tahtawi pg.143)

6. This was only possible for Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and is regarded to be one of his specialties that he was able to convert his Shaytaan into a Muslim. (Sahih Muslim Hadith7039,7041; Sharh al-Zarqaan alal Mawaahib vol.7 pg.260-261). For the others besides, this remains as a test till the day we die, that we should be able to resist his temptations all the time.

7. One should say, ?Assalaamu alaynaa wa alaa ibaadillaahis-saaliheen? (Surah Noor). (Adabul Mufrad of Imaam Bukhari) However, this applies only if there is nobody in the house.

8. For a woman to remove hair from the arms and legs is permissible. As for the face hairs, such as eyebrows, under normal circumstances it is not permissible due to the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) wherein he cursed such a woman. (Sahih Bukhari Hadith5943)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Muhammad ibn Moulana Haroon Abbassommar


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