As salamu alaikum, Imam Sahib, please tell me how can we invite people to Islam?

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As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear respected brother in Islam,

Allah bestowed the prophets with wisdom. In surah Nahl, Allah Taala says,
Call towards the path of your Rabb with wisdom and good advises. Inviting
towards Allah was the duty of all the prophets and requires special skills
in order to be efficient and successful. The purpose is not just to inform
but to convince people and make them practice. Often people not having the
necessary skills of dawah have created resentment of Islam in the hearts of
many people thus defeating and harming the actual course of of Islam. In
order to be efficient and successful. hereunder are some points.
1. Win the confidence of the person by showing him care and affection.

2. Assist him whenever required and possible.

3. Embrace oppurtune moments and discuss about Islam and its beauties.

4. Discuss the sublime character of our beloved prophet (saw) and his
illustrious companions. (ra)

5. Do not discuss or answer anything without sufficient knowledge.

6. Refer to reliable Ulama who know the art of dawah and will be able to
provide fulfilling answers to any querries about Islam.

7. Invite to Islamic functions which do not have unislamic practices, for
example, intermingling of sexes etc.

8. Be alert and enbrace opportunities.

9. Be patient.

10. Make dua to Allah for the persons guidance and hidayat.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best

Mufti E. Desai

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