On weddings people spend so much money on gold and everything.does the bride have to have this much gold.what does the husband and wife have to have.

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In terms of gold and buying each other they have to actually by the gold or is this a tradition which people have made up them selfs after seeing Sikhs and hindu’s and Christians doing this sort of stuff.jazakallah


The purchase of gold jewellery, etc. at the time of marriage is permitted. However, it is not sanctioned by Islam. It is more a traditional custom of our forefathers and has nothing to do with Islam.

The bride doesn’t have to have such jewellery nor can anyone make any such demands. If the parties willingly exchange gifts without any form of ostentation or traditional coercion, it is permissible. However, most marriages observe gift-exchanging, etc. as a compulsory tradition. Hence, it should be avoided. The husband may give her the jewellery after the marriage within the privacy of the home.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa

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