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Question about Qasr prayer (prayer of traveler)

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Mufti, when you answer the questions, could you please answer as they apply to me And a general ruling (Islamic rule on the subject) so that others can benefit from this discussion. My situation is as follows: I go to work 5 days a week throughout the year. The distance from my home to work is approximately 45-miles one-way trip (90-miles round-trip). Question1: Since I do this traveling regularly, am I classified as a traveler? Question2: At work, when I pray Zuhr, Asr, and Maghrib, should I offer them as regular prayers or should I offer the Qasr prayer during those prayer times? — I also want to mention that Alhumdulilah, I have space and time for prayer at work, i.e. my employer has no objections with me performing my prayer. Question3: On Jummah, I go to the local musjid which is 10-miles further away from my work. Do I pray the Jummah prayer as I would normally do (i.e. sunnat, jummah fardh, followed by sunnat(s)) or is it something different? Question4: In general, if a person is traveling long distances and finds musjid to pray in, does that person offer Qasr salat or the normal rakats for salat if: A) praying behind an Imam in congregation? B) not praying behind an imam that is the congregation has ended? Question5: Suppose, if on a long trip a person instead of offering the Qasr prayer offered the prayer as he/she would normally do at home (either by mistake OR intentionally) is there any harm? (i.e. are we disobeying Allah)


1. You will not be regarded as a traveller as your journey does not exceed the Shar’ee distance of Safar, which is 55 miles.

2. At work, you will offer Salaat as normal as you are not a Musaafir.

3. On the day of Jumu’ah, you will be considered a Musaafir since you intend to travel an extra 10 mile which brings your total distance to 55 miles. Therefore, you will perform Qasr for the Asr Salaat which you read at work. There is no Qasr for Maghrib. The Jumu’ah Salaat will be performed as normal. However, if you are in a hurry, you will be excused for leaving out the Sunnah.

4. If a person is Musaafir and he performs Salaat behind a Muqeem Imaam, then he will perform the full Salaat. If he reads alone or he (the Musaafir) is the Imaam he will make Qasr. (Ahkaamul Musaafir pg.144)

5. It is Waajib for a Musaafir to perform Qasr Salaat. Therefore, if one intentionally performs the full Salaat, it is Waajib for him to repeat the Salaat. If he performed the full Salaat mistakenly, then the following cases will apply:

a. If he left out the first Qa?dah (sitting for Tashahhud), then it is Waajib for him to repeat the Salaat.

b. If he sat for the first Qa?dah, then if he performs Sajdah-e-Sahw, his Salaat will be correct. If he does not perform Sajdah-e-Sahw, then it will be Waajib to repeat the Salaat. (Ahkaamul Musaafir pg.135)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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