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How will we know when judgement day is coming, please explain

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The exact date of Qiyaamah is known to only Allah Ta’ala. The actual time of Qiyaamah has not been revealed to anyone and there is absolutely no way or means by which this time can become known to anyone. Recently some misguided elements have suggested that the exact date of Qiyaamah can be unravelled with the aid of computer. To subscribe to such a fallacy is kufr.

Although the exact date of Qiyaamah is unknown, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) mentioned some events and signs by means of which the Proximity of Qiyaamah may be deduced. The signs of Qiyaamah are of two kinds. The lesser signs and the greater signs.

The lesser signs of the proximity of Qiyaamah mentioned by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are:
1. Waqf wealth and property will be regarded as private property. Those People or trustees in charge of trust property and money will misuse these to suit their desires.
2. Zakaat will be considered a fine or penalty. Those upon whom Zakaat is obligatory will be reluctant to pay up the Zakaat for which they are liable.
3. The husband will be subservient to the wife. She will lead him and he will submit to her unlawful dictates.
4. People will disobey their mothers and regard their fathers as strangers while considering friends to be their close associates.
5. The Knowledge of Deen will be pursued and acquired to earn the world. Ilm-e-Deen will be acquired for motives other than the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. Such persons who are immoral, evil and the worst in character will assume the reigns of political power and government. Public and governmental leaders will be those smitten by greed and desire. They will be wholly unqualified for the posts they will be occupying.
6. People will praise and honour tyrants so as to be saved from their persecutions.
7. Alcohol will be consumed publicly.
8. Dancing and singing women will become rampant.
9. Musical instruments will be in abundance.
10. Ignorance of the Deen will increase greatly.
11. The Knowledge of the Deen will rapidly decrease.
12. Speaking lies will be regarded as a profession. The western courts of laws with their prosecutors, lawyers and advocates are classical examples of this prophesy.
13. Fornication will become rampant. Shame and modesty will be eliminated.
14. The control and domination of the Kuffaar will be established all over.
15. False ways and evil practices will be on the rise.
16. People will expand their businesses to such an extent that they will introduce their womenfolk into their business ventures to assist them.
17. Increase in natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes.
18. Maskh or disfiguring of human faces.
19. The female population will increase so much that a single man will be the overseer (seeing to the needs) of 50 women.

1. The advent of Hadhrat Imaam Mahdi (alayhis salaam).
2. The second advent or Nuzool (Descent) of Nabi Isa (alayhis salaam).
3. The emergence of Dajjal.
4. The emergence of Ya’jooj Ma’jooj.
5. The forty day fog.
6. The night of three nights.
7. The rising of the sun in the west.
8. The emergence of Daab-batul Ardh or the Reptile from the earth.
9. The Breeze.
10. The reign of Africans. These greater signs will now be explained in some detail.

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