What if a person’s mother treats the grandmother unkindly, e.g. shouting etc? What can grandson or granddaughter do for his grandmother?

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May Allah Ta’ala reward you for your kind caring heart and may Allah Ta’ala put such love, care and concerns into the hearts of people for our elders and feeble ones. Make dua for mother perhaps mother is also experiencing difficulties or has had problems in her life which has led her to this even though such treatment cannot be excused. Ask some elders or family members to intervene without taking your name. Someone who would diplomatically listen to her frustrations and then will hi-light how her life will be more pleasurable if she accepts grandmother with her weakness and overlooks and rather at times of hurt and upset focus on the reawrds for Khidmat to an elderly person be it mother-in-law and if it’s her mother then what a bounty to make Khidmat and earn her Jannat.

On your side you too make Khidmat for your grandmother, sit with her, show her love and kindness. Listen to her, ease her difficulties, smile at her and shower her with gifts. Remember do this for your mother too as she too definately needs love, care and attention. Love her, help her to look after granny, she too Insha Allah will easily comply. It may take a while. Don’t despair.

May Allah Ta’ala make it easy.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


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