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Are they right do not talk it is bad? I chatted with a guy over internet for long time almost 2 years.

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I chatted with a guy over internet for long time almost 2 years. He is one of my relatives he lived in the United States and I lived in the UK. He was really nice. He asked everyone for it. His sister and brother have said no and told him do not talk to me it is bad and now his sister and brother change him alot. His sister and brother does not like us chatting. My parent was ok with it. Now he is getting married to my cousin soon this year. They go for her, he told me that his sister really like her very much and respect alot and she study at university. His sister used to tell my other cousin saying I have alot of money than you. All she thinks of wealth same with her sisters and brothers. You know poor and rich are equal no matter what. I can’t beilive that they got him to be wed with someone else recently and that I talked to him over internet chatt. I am really so sad. My parent will not do anything for me against my wishes and will not choose a guy that I don’t want and said I will have many happiness future and allah is great and make it better. Also my parent said I am very intelligent girl and be happy. Is his sister and brother are right do not talk to me and it is bad? Will they be punishment afterlife for what they done for stopping it?


In the details of your mail, we sense grief and rejection in you. We deeply sympathise with you and make Du’aa to Allah that He remove that feeling in you. May Allah grant you happiness and confidence, Aameen.

Sister, at times, hardships and difficulties are due to our own wrong doings. Allah Ta’ala states, ?Whatever difficulty comes, it is because of the earnings of your hands.? According to the Shari?ah, it is prohibited to communicate with a Ghayr Mahram (a person with whom marriage is permissible) without necessity. Sister, you had an experience with the person you chatted with and you will understand the wisdom behind the laws of the Shari?ah.

You would never have felt the grief and rejection as you now feel if you had not chatted with the person. The Shari?ah Law also serves to protect you from such abuse and rejection. There are many other females going through the same feeling of abuse and rejection like you due to communicating with Ghayr Mahram boys. Remember, any person who deals with someone out of the ambit of the Shari?ah can never be trusted. If the person has no respect for the law of Allah, how can he be trusted? Only deal with people within the ambit of the Shari?ah. People who are sensitive to the Deen and Shari?ah are those who fear Allah and can be trusted.

We make Du’aa that Allah Ta’ala protect you from a similar future grief, Aameen. If you follow the laws of the Shari?ah, Insha Allah, you will be saved.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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