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My wife was abused by his teacher when she was in 5th or 6th standard may be on many occasions, the teacher use to come her house

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the teacher use to come her house for tution, at that time she was unaware of what is happening with her after some time she realized and stopped studying with him n her brothers continue with him. she use to be my cousin n i use to visit her house n i know that teacher very well, i got married after six years of affair with her in this year,she disclosed to me after marriage about the incident. now i m living in saudi arabia and that person use to live in the same locality where i live n my wife is india, i m not in control when ever he comes in front of me, i m getting feeling like i should beat him or….. Please guide me, what should i do. i know that if i do something that will be not nice for my family. Reply soon please.


The contents of your letter is very disturbing. It is unfortunate and sad to state that many of our sisters are victims of abuse and this requires the urgent attention of the Ummah. There are two angles to your wife’s issue and abuse; a) Personal, b) Public

1) We commend your wife for disclosing to you the abuse. That is in fact a positive reflection of your character and personality. You have won the confidence of your wife and she confided in you only after having her trust and confidence in you. Your support to her is her greatest strength and means to regain her confidence and dignity. Continue giving her that support. May Allah reward you for that (Aameen)

2) Your wife has been abused by a teacher. He is engaged in public service and ought to have abided by public code of conduct and ethics. He has violated that and abused his position for his personal self. That is a very big crime and a major sin. Such a person is a danger to society. The society should be made alert of the teachers abusive conduct and take appropriate action. This is to protect other children at school. We advise you identify some responsible members of the community and inform them about the teacher. Request them to address the issue. We observe you are emotionally upset. That is natural but we discourage you from addressing the issue personally as that will not help the course. We also wish to express our concern regarding girls around the age of puberty attending public schools where no measure is taken to guard their chastity and honour. Muslims should put their own structure in place to serve their needs according to Islamic values and ethos.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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