What are the benefits of Dua-e-Mashlool, can one recite when facing extreme hardship and difficult time

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there is any difference between Duas of Shia and Sunni like Dua e Mashkool etc? is it same for every Muslim


We do not know Dua-e-Mashkool. We advise reciting Duas that are in the Quran and the Ahadith. The power and barakat of those duas can never be equated to other duas. At the time of difficulty and hardship- the following is prescribed.

1) Patience and Salah- Allah says ? Oh you who believe seek assistance through patience and salah.

2) Perform Nafl Salah and recite the following dua after salah,

Min Kulli Birrin-Wassalamata-Min Kulli
Ismin-Laa-Tada?laha-Zamban-Illa Gafartah-Wa Laa Hamman
? Illa Farrajtah Wa Laa Dainan-Illa Qadaitah-Wa La
Hajatan-Hiya-Laka-Ridan illa Qadaitaha Ya

3) Offer some charity to the best of your ability- Rasullah (SAW) said Sadaqa remover difficulties.

4) Make Tawba from sins as difficulties are sometimes due to ones sins.

5) Carry out the laws of Allah in every aspect of life. That invokes the mercy of Allah

6) Engage in assisting the cause of deen, for example ? the musjid affairs etc. Allah says- If you help the Deen of Allah. Allah will help you.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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