3 qs: 1) Is it true that you can’t read Jummah in place where any salaat has been missed in last 40 days?

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2) Is it true that its the duty of every Muslim to invite 40 people to Islam each day? 3) Is it true that you cannot get married in first 13 (or 21) days of Saffar? I have been told these things. Please give evidence so I may correct these people. Jazakallahu-khair.


1. If in a place, all the condition for the validity of Jummu’ah exists, and
then for some reason a Salaat has been missed in the past 40 days, it will
still be permissible to read Jummu’ah there.
2. Every Muslim has a moral duty to invite towards whenever the
circumstances are conducive to it. There is no fixed number of times. If the
situations allows, one should call towards Islam for there is immerse reward
in this. However, simply ignore the notion of a fixed number being
3. One can get married on any day of the month of Safar. Ignore such

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda


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