Reimbursement of his hospitalization bills he is required to submit claim form to the insurance company (along with the hospital bills) on behalf of the organization.

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Scenario: Mr. Zaid is an employee in an organization which also provides health insurance facility to their employees beside other benefits. His organization pays premium to the insurance company annually and if an employee is hospitalized then he is entitled to be reimbursed in respect of his  hospitalization bills from the organization. For reimbursement of his hospitalization bills he is required to submit claim form to the insurance company (along with the hospital bills) on behalf of the organization. The insurance company discharges his medical claim within 15 days of launching such claim. In a non emergency case the insurance company pays directly to the hospital and Mr Zaid is not required to make payment to the hospital.

Question: Whether getting reimbursed from an insurance company in the above scenario is Halal for Mr Zaid.


There are four aspects to this query:

Zaid, Organization (employer), Insurance company, Hospital

The benefits afforded to Zaid by his employer in terms of Shariah will be termed as Tabarru (voluntary contribution). That is the employer offers him free medical or health care. Zaid as an employee of the organization has a right to this benefit which he may use at any time. The contractual agreement between the employer and the insurance company has no relevance to Zaid as an employee. The aspect of submitting the bills of the hospital etc. is a procedural matter and has no links with the interest or gambling of the insurance company. Therefore it will be permissible for Zaid to make use of this benefit afforded to him by his employer.

And Allah Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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