One group of muslim are those who love me too much, but they go to JAHANUM,

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‘at the near of QYAMAT one group of muslim are those who love me too much, but they go to JAHANUM, bcz in love they exceed me to ALLAH.” is this correct (SAHI) i have heared from my friend (May ALLAH forgive me if I am wrong – amin – ) Please explain in detail Jazakallah. >


We were unable to find a Hadith containing the exact text as you have mentioned. However, a similar Hadith was found in Bukhari, Muslim and Mishkaat, in which Nabi (SAW) said, “Do not exceed the limits in praising Me as the Christians over-praised ‘Isaa bin Maryam, because I am only a servant of Allah and His Messenger. (Muttfaqun ‘Alaih, Mishkaat, Hadith 4897)

In the book Sharhus Sunnah, under the commentary of this Hadith, the author gives the reason for the saying of Nabi (SAW), ‘Do not over praise Me.’ When the Christians over praised ‘Isaa bin Maryam, they began attributing false claims regarding Him. They made Him (AS) the son of God and began worshipping Him (AS), so Nabi (SAW) prevented this from reoccurring by His (SAW) saying not to over praise Him, since this may lead to wrong as in the case of ‘Isaa bin Maryam (AS). (Mirqaatul Mafaatih, Vol. 8, Page 634). In Mishkaat, under the commentary of this Hadith, the explanation of Nabi (SAW) saying, ‘Do not over praise Me’ is do not exceed in praising and lying in My regards.

Apart from this, In Volume 1 of Muslim Page 126, there is another Hadith reported by Abu Hurairah in which Nabi (SAW) said that a group of people from amongst My Ummat will co\advance to the Hauz-e-Kauthar and I will be warding off people from it as the owner of his camel wards off other camels from his. They will say, “O Nabi of Allah, don’t you recognize us? He will reply, “Yes, you have signs which no one else possesses. You are coming towards Me and the parts of the body which were wet during Wudhu are shining.” Another group of people will be stopped from coming towards Me. They will be unable to reach Me. I will say, ‘O Allah, those people are from amongst My followers. An angel will answer, ‘Are you aware of what they innovated after You?

From amongst the various commentaries, Hafiz Abu Umar Bin Abdul Barr says, ‘Every person who innovates in the matters of Deen, He will be warded off from the Hauz-e-Kauthar

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf


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