If a father-in law rapes her daughter-in law wiht force, what will be the ruling of her marriage

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 If a father-in law rapes her daughter-in law wiht force, what will be the ruling of her marriage wiht his husband., second incident…… if a father-in law abues her daughter-in law, like speaking sex topics, scolding her, beating her, critisicing her, touching her. also once dauter-in law was sleeping in her room, hsi father-in law went to her room, and sucked her breasts, when the girl wakes, he ran away. after this he was black mailing her, if she told to anybody, then he will get a divorce from his son.  in this case, sex did not happen, any how Allah saved her, and now she is wiht husband alone in gulf, and now she had a child also. So kindly let me know the ruling based upon so many things happened to her, will there is any problem with her Marriage. due to this is the marraige affected ?. Kindly advice. please.



The lady with whom these acts were done should inform her husband as to what transpired. If her husband casts her claims aside and does not believe her, then she should continue living with him and not ponder any further in that regard. If, however, the husband believes her and is confident that she is speaking the truth, then it is imperative upon him to divorce her or verbally inform her that he has left her. If the husband does not terminate the Nikah, the wife will not be sinful and the children will be legitimate. (Ad-Durrul Mukhtaar, Vol.2, Page 303-307, Fathul Qadeer, Vol. 3, Page 130, Kuwaita print)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Ashraf


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