First what exactly is a sunnat-e-ghair maukida and how is it different from sunnat-e-maukida? Second is there any difference in its performance?

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I recently saw a program on tv which said that there is a slight difference the way a sunnat-e ghair maukida is performed.I wanted to ask you that how is a sunnat-e-ghai maukida different from sunnat-e-maukida? Is there any difference and what is it?


At the outset, we wish to point out that it is not permissible to watch TV even if it is Islamic educational programmes. Sunnat-e-Muakkadah literally means an emphasised Sunnah. Juridically, it refers to those Sunnats which must be performed, for example, two Rakaats of Sunnat of Fajr, four Rakaats before Dhuhr and two Rakaats after Dhuhr, two Rakaats after Maghrib and two Rakaats after Esha. It is a sin to leave out Sunnat-e-Muakkadah.

On the contraty, leaving out Sunnat-e-Ghayr Muakkadah is not a sin. The other Sunnats besides the abovementioned are Sunnat-e-Ghayr Muakkadah. There is great emphasis on performing all types of Sunnats and there are great rewards for adhering to the Sunnats. The greatest of which is closeness to Rasulullah [Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam].

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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