What is my duty? My parents are allowing my sister to do whatever she wants…They tell me 2 mind my business, but i’m afraid 4 her

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What can I do? My parents are allowing my sister to do whatever she wants. Everyone thinks our family is so religious, but all we do is pray salat, father has beard, Mom & sister wear hijaab. I’ve become more concious of Islam & want 2 do right. They still watch tv, go to mixed gatherings etc, & laugh at me that I’m 2 xtreme. Mom & Sis go everywhere, anytime. Dad says ok as long as they’ve hijaabi. Now they want 2 send her to live at university, so wrong. How do I convince them? Do I sever relationship? move out? Am i responsible 4 my sister & parents? , in dis world & next. pls advise me.


Each person is responsible for his subordinates. You are not responsible for the actions of your parents and siblings. However, your duty is to continue reminding them in a polite manner.

Use every possible means at your disposal to convince them to do what is right. Avoid severing relationship with them as this may draw them further into sin. Continue advising them very affectionately and politely as the Qur’aan declares, ?And remind (one another) as reminding (others) benefits the believers.?

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa


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