If one is in a state where one needs to make ghusl, e.g. after having intercourse with one’s wife, can one still read dua’s and mention Allah’s name?

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I’m trying to make a habit of practicing the sunnah by reading the relevant duaa before doing anything, e.g. reading the duaa before I enter the toilet, when I leave the toilet, before sleeping, etc. 1. If I’m in a state where I need to make ghusl, e.g. after I have intercourse with my wife, can I still read these duaa’s? 2. What can a person do when he/she is in this state and what can’t they do? 3. Can we even say these things in our mind?


1. You can read these duas in the state of Janabah.

2. You can make zikr, read dua’s even read parts of the quran which are read as a dua not as tilawah (recitation) eg. Ayatul Kursi ,the end of surah Baqarah and the 3 quls before sleeping etc.

3. You should say it with your tongue.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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