Is it allowed in islam to marry secretly?

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I want to get married to this girl and she wants to marry me, but our parents are saying we are still too young, however ,we know ourselves we are ready to get married, we are both still studying, if we don’t get married then it is possible we might end up committing adultery?we have done quite a few things and thereafter felt very bad and repented to Allah, and we don’t want to do it again to displease Allah. is it possible for us to get married secretly? so that we refrain from adultery and displeasing Almighty Allah etc? We wish to get married in the future with our parents consent but for now is this allowed? Please give references to hadeeth etc, and if we are allowed to to nikah then how do we do it? I hope to hear from u soon


You and the girl are both adults. According to the Hanafis Madhab, if you?ll decide to marry without the consent of your parents, the Nikah will be valid.

However, we advise that both of you confide in your parents and explain them the reason for getting married immediately. It will not help to conceal the bare facts from them as they will not understand your situation. You don’t expect your parents to approve of something they don’t understand. If the bare facts are presented before them, they will and should act responsibly. They should not react with emotion and sweep the reality under the carpet. Generally, children take their own steps in life leading them to devastating consequences due to parents being inconsiderate. We advise both of you to approach your parents- if need be present this fatwa to them.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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