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Breaking Ramadan roza due to severe migraine attack, whats the kaffara?

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a)Last Ramadhan i broke around 3 fasts because of severe headache (migraine). I cannot explain to you how painful they are, only Allah knows how much i suffer. My migraines are triggered due to hunger and if i dont treat it with medicine, then i keep throwing up till i have nothing left in my stomach. I get weak and then cant fast the following morning thats why my husband forces me to break my fast as soon as the attack starts. What would the kaffara be? b)I’m pregnant now and wont be able to fast this Ramadhan, should i feed two meals to a poor every day, or one meal to two poor people per fast i dont keep? Besides doing this, would i need to make up these fasts later when i can or not? please let me know, i’m confused.


You will only have to keep a Qadhaa fast in place of the 3 fasts you broke.

Regarding fasting during your pregnancy, it will be permissible for you not to fast or to break a fast if this will harm you or the child. A possible solution for you is to take your medicine in the form of an injection, as this does not break the fast. (Ahsanul Fatawa vol.4 pg.432). You will have to make Qadhaa of any fasts you break or miss in Ramadhaan, by keeping another fast later on. You cannot feed poor, as you have the ability to make up the fasts later on.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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